Si tu juges les gens, tu n'as pas le temps de les aimer  -  Mère Teresa

History of

A timeline changelog, from last reborn to present day

December 2018


Thursday 13th

  • Adding bulma & fontawesome support and first 'Hello world' post

Friday 14th

  • Adding MySQL support and quotes

Friday 21st

  • Adding post for season change (winter)

Saturday 22nd

  • Adding post for full moon

Wednesday 26th

  • Adding moon infos and icon

Thursday 27th

  • Adding calendes infos

Friday 28th

  • Adding admin template

Monday 31st

  • Adding footer, both mobile & desktop burger menu and feed styles

January 2019


Friday 4th

  • Adding admin_quote with first api.php (SELECT query)

Monday 14th

  • Adding relative dates in lib/FctDate.php
  • Completing admin_quote with first api.php (INSERT query)

Wednesday 16th

  • Adding tf_feed table and begin feed.php,adding admin_moons.php

Wednesday 23rd

  • Adding feed for MOON, SEASON, NEWS

Monday 28th

  • Adding feed for BDAY, fixing feed for mobile view
  • Adding lib/FctString.php

Tuesday 29th

  • Adding candles in feed for BDAY

Sunday 20th

  • Adding suffix calculation in lib/FctDate.pbp

February 2019


Monday 4th

  • Adding title date conforming to DB

Tuesday 5th

  • Adding feed for CLND
  • Adding full site translation auto-switcher (in only 1hr)

Wednesday 6th

  • Adding date toggling when clicking on feed

Thursday 7th

  • Adding index embedded page system

Tuesday 12th

  • Adding feed/admin/js/api.php for CINE and LIVE
  • Adding feed for LIVE, feed SELECT querying all tables

Wednesday 13th

  • Adding seasons in SELECT feed and crontab for BDAY

Wednesday 20th

  • Adding Relative/Given date toggling in feed

Friday 22nd

  • Adding Strongman (episode 1)

Monday 25th

  • Adding all Strongman episodes (2 to 9)
  • Adding admin css styles and lib/QuickAccess.php

Wednesday 27th

  • Prepare Like and Share button in lib/FctSocial.php

May 2019


Friday 3rd

  • Adding feed for PAGES and create first page
  • Adding logo switcher (ski, easter, May 4th, xmas)
  • Adding calendes page with database support

Monday 6th

  • Adding Cinema/Movies pages with database support and iMDB API

Tuesday 7th

  • Fixing some translation left behind

June 2019


Thursday 13th

  • Adding mini festival sticker on livemusic feed

Sunday 16th

  • Adding iMDB, Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic icons to movies list

Wednesday 19th

  • Adding thermometer img in calendes with css crop

Friday 21st

  • Adding flipping css images for calends
  • Finishing calends-aaaa-mm.php and adding calends.php

Friday 28th

  • Adding feed for VID (fb only)

July 2019


Tuesday 2nd

  • Adding changelog.php (this page) in timeline style

Thursday 4th

  • Adding feed, admin and api.php for SOTD (Song of the Day)