La chose la plus apaisante ce monde, c'est quand quelqu'un embrasse vos blessures en ne les voyant pas comme des catastrophes dans votre âme mais simplement comme des fissures dans lesquelles mettre son amour  -  Emery Allen

History of

A timeline changelog, from last reborn to present day

May 2006


Monday 15th

  • Buy domain name

Tuesday 16th

  • First rays of light

June 2006


Sunday 25th

  • Changing colors from black/orange to white/blue

December 2018


Thursday 13th

  • Add bulma & fontawesome support and first 'Hello world' post

Friday 14th

  • Add MySQL support and quotes

Friday 21st

  • Add post for season change (winter)

Saturday 22nd

  • Add post for full moon

Wednesday 26th

  • Add moon infos and icon

Thursday 27th

  • Add calendes infos

Friday 28th

  • Add admin template

Monday 31st

  • Add footer, both mobile & desktop burger menu and feed styles

January 2019


Friday 4th

  • Add admin_quote with first api.php (SELECT query)

Monday 14th

  • Add relative dates in lib/FctDate.php
  • Complete admin_quote with first api.php (INSERT query)

Wednesday 16th

  • Add tf_feed table and begin feed.php,add admin_moons.php

Wednesday 23rd

  • Add feed for MOON, SEASON, NEWS

Monday 28th

  • Add feed for BDAY, fix feed for mobile view
  • Add lib/FctString.php

Tuesday 29th

  • Add candles in feed for BDAY

Sunday 20th

  • Add suffix calculation in lib/FctDate.pbp

February 2019


Monday 4th

  • Add title date conforming to DB

Tuesday 5th

  • Add feed for CLND
  • Add full site translation auto-switcher (in only 1hr)

Wednesday 6th

  • Add date toggling when clicking on feed

Thursday 7th

  • Add index embedded page system

Tuesday 12th

  • Add feed/admin/js/api.php for CINE and LIVE
  • Add feed for LIVE, feed SELECT querying all tables

Wednesday 13th

  • Add seasons in SELECT feed and crontab for BDAY

Wednesday 20th

  • Add Relative/Given date toggling in feed

Friday 22nd

  • Add Strongman (episode 1)

Monday 25th

  • Add all Strongman episodes (2 to 9)
  • Add admin css styles and lib/QuickAccess.php

Wednesday 27th

  • Prepare Like and Share button in lib/FctSocial.php

May 2019


Friday 3rd

  • Add feed for PAGES and create first page
  • Add logo switcher (ski, easter, May 4th, xmas)
  • Add calendes page with database support

Monday 6th

  • Add Cinema/Movies pages with database support and iMDB API

Tuesday 7th

  • Fix some translation left behind

June 2019


Thursday 13th

  • Add mini festival sticker on livemusic feed

Sunday 16th

  • Add iMDB, Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic icons to movies list

Wednesday 19th

  • Add thermometer img in calendes with css crop

Friday 21st

  • Add flipping css images for calends
  • Complete calends-aaaa-mm.php and add calends.php

Friday 28th

  • Add feed for VID (fb only)

July 2019


Tuesday 2nd

  • Add changelog.php (this page) in timeline style

Thursday 4th

  • Add feed, admin and api.php for SOTD (Song of the Day)

Thursday 18th

  • Add icons in burger menu
  • Complete CSS in changelog

Friday 19th

  • Add full-site progress bar on header

Tuesday 23rd

  • Add DailyTakuzu game (finally !!!)

Wednesday 24th

  • Add meta tags in header

Thursday 25th

  • Add FilterSearch sticky bar (experimental)

Friday 26th

  • Add FilterSearch icons

Monday 29th

  • Add festival page

Tuesday 30th

  • End festival page (2008-2018)

August 2019


Thursday 1st

  • Add filter algorithm and behavior (php get)
  • Filter is active !!!

Friday 2nd

  • Add tf-logo-holidays for tomorrow !!

Wednesday 14th

  • Add zodiac pages

Thursday 15th

  • Add zodiac details and feed for ASTR

Tuesday 20th

  • Update bulma.css from 0.7.2 to 0.7.4
  • Add meta tags from database
  • Add sticky persistence to desktop & mobile menu

Wednesday 28th

  • Change charset to utf-8
  • Add Search button CSS
  • Make search cooperate with active filters

Thursday 29th

  • Make search work on all database tables (FULLTEXT indexing)

September 2019


Tuesday 3rd

  • Add kamasutra (ooooh)
  • Fix some utf-8 issues

Monday 9th

  • Add random in kamasutra (!!!)

Tuesday 10th

  • Start music player (JS/css)
  • Continue music player (JS/css)

Thursday 12th

  • Add bikes section

Friday 13th

  • Add "Loading more" button
  • Restrict feed to 20 entries
  • Add anchors in feed

Monday 16th

  • Improving HTML (w3c validator)

Tuesday 17th

  • Improving HTML (w3c validator)

Wednesday 18th

  • Improving rendering (image deferring)

Monday 23rd

  • Add stars for nb views in LIVE

Tuesday 24th

  • Add git repository to follow changes

Thursday 26th

  • Add Linky modules

October 2019


Tuesday 1st

  • Make Like button functional
  • Work on Share button

Wednesday 2nd

  • Add filter/search parameters to loading more
  • Design share modal windows (thanks to
  • Add facebook sharing (without any sdk call)

Friday 4th

  • Add image upload capacities (for admin/livemusic)

Monday 7th

  • Add PauseLOL page with modal image display

Tuesday 8th

  • Google Analytics code update
  • Fix admin issues (utf8 and refresh page)

Wednesday 9th

  • Add feed for INFG
  • Add modal image (in index.php) for infographics

Friday 11th

  • Add Dashboard
  • Footer (icons) and sitemap

Monday 14th

  • Bug fixes, security patch
  • Admin side

Tuesday 15th

  • Bug fixes

Wednesday 16th

  • Add some past movie events
  • Add bar stickers and some past livemusic events

Thursday 17th

  • Add recipes & cocktails

Friday 18th

  • Add more security patch
  • Change filter icons

Monday 28th

  • More security fixes

Tuesday 29th

  • Add old movies (2010-2016)

December 2019


Thursday 12th

  • Add 2020 full moons (and support for Blue Moon)

Thursday 19th

  • Add admin_calends (stuffy)

January 2020


Monday 20th

  • Adding birthday page (timeline-styled)
  • Expanding calends page (all years available)

Sunday 26th

  • You are reading this !!